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Charles R. Hoeg III

Charles R. Hoeg III is the latest addition to the skilled team of family law attorneys at Fleischer & Ravreby.

Hoeg’s legal education includes experience working in a wide variety of settings which allowed him the opportunity to develop the versatility needed to be a skilled family law attorney. His previous assignments include the Suffolk County (New York) District Attorney’s office, two private New York based law firms, and as an environmental law research assistant with the American Bar Association-United Nations Development Program’s Legal Resource Center.

Many of your most critical decisions during a divorce and other family law matters involve critical decisions about your financial wellbeing and financial planning. In addition to his legal background, Hoeg holds a California Life Insurance License, and successfully passed the “Series 65” University Investment Adviser Law Exam administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, an exceptionally challenging test of knowledge and concepts central to advising clients including economics, theory, performance, risk, and investments.

“Divorce, for most people, represents a true low point in life where emotions are frequently used to provoke irrational responses from reasonable people,” says Hoeg.  “My goal is to guide clients through this tedious process, with an approach that stresses organization and diligence, so that reason trumps emotion and a fair outcome can be achieved.”

Hoeg earned his law degree at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Wesleyan University. Hoeg is a former collegiate wrestler, life-time lacrosse player, and youth lacrosse coach. He is a resident of Solana Beach, California.

Bar Admissions

  • Admitted to the California State Bar
  • Admitted to the Massachusetts State Bar
  • Member, California Bar Association
  • Member, San Diego County Bar Association
  • Member, Massachusetts Bar Association

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