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One of the cornerstones of Fleischer & Ravreby is being Legal Experts with Humanity and this is precisely what our family law blog is centered on.  But, what do we mean by that – exactly?  More than two decades in family law has shown us that people are typically still stuck in the pattern of their marriage as they are trying to deal with their divorce.  That dynamic of the marriage can throw a wrench in getting what is best for you through the divorce process.  It’s tricky and we are masterful at catching it.  Read our firm blog filled with insights on dealing with those dynamics as you reinvent yourself.

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Divorcee Mother’s Day

Divorcee Mother’s Day

More money is spent on gifts for Mother’s Day than any other holiday except Christmas. The National Retail Federation says Americans spent $25 billion on gifts for Mom in 2019, including $2.6 billion just for flowers. Meals out racked up $2.6 billion of the tab.

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PCTJ: An Alternative to Courtroom Litigation

PCTJ: An Alternative to Courtroom Litigation

PCTJ stands for Privately Compensated Temporary Judge. The PCTJ process is an alternative to proceeding in traditional court in which the PCTJ essentially steps into the role of a Superior Court judicial officer to make binding decisions related to family law cases.

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Family law attorneys use the term “ATROs” to refer to Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders that are summarized on the back of a summons for a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnership, Legal Separation, or Nullity of Marriage.

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