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Are Your Children Your First Priority?

If you are divorcing with minor children, child custody and parenting time are almost certainly your most important concerns. Whatever your specific situation is, the well-being of your children — and your child sharing plan — is our top priority. The San Diego child custody attorneys at Fleischer & Ravreby will fight to achieve your parenting goals while consistently advocating in the best interest of the child, especially in situations of contested child custody.

We know working out the financial details of your divorce is difficult. This is why we separate the business side of divorce from the child custody arrangements. Our goal is to help you negotiate a parenting plan that will have the least amount of negative impact on your children. Studies show children do best when both parents work together. With this in mind, we address your range of options for child support, custody and visitation, covering terms and considerations such as:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Legal, physical or primary custody
  • Temporary orders of custody
  • Psychological evaluation for custody

Carlsbad Joint or Sole Custody Attorneys

In California, child support is defined by law as the ongoing monetary expenditures and payments necessary to cover a child’s living and medical expenses, including health insurance. Child support is directly linked to the amount of money you make and the amount of time you have physical custody of the child. It is also determined by the number of children one has to support from another relationship.

Having to eradicate the status quo and begin a new chapter in life without seeing your children every day is extremely difficult. The lawyers at Fleischer & Ravreby will strive to help you obtain the best possible custody and support settlement, based on your specific needs and goals.

From San Diego to all the surrounding communities, contact the lawyers at Fleischer & Ravreby to negotiate the best possible child sharing plan for you. Call 858-720-8250 today to ensure the best interest of your child is represented.

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