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Fair Division of All Your Investments

When it comes right down to it, divorce is a business deal. Unfortunately in marital disputes emotions run high and typically get in the way of making sound, financial decisions. If you are seeking a divorce in Southern California, contact the offices of Fleischer & Ravreby where you will find experienced, caring San Diego complex property issue attorneys who are focused on your bottom line.

The attorneys at Fleischer & Ravreby leverage their strong business and accounting backgrounds to give you an advantage throughout the negotiation process of asset and property division. They take into consideration all finances, including businesses, retirement accounts, stock options, commingled assets, multi-owner properties, rentals, real property, recreational vehicles and homes. By handling your complex property issues objectively, they will strive to help you obtain the fairest division of your properties, based on your specific needs and goals.

Carlsbad Property Division Attorney

Myra Fleischer, founding partner of Fleischer & Ravreby, is certified by the State Bar of California as a family law specialist. She is also a former corporate accountant who is extremely diligent about her clients’ money matters. Fleischer & Ravreby evaluates all liabilities, risks and assets from any settlement to optimize your results and maintain your standard of living.

From San Diego to all communities in this area, contact the lawyers at Fleischer & Ravreby to negotiate or win a fair and equitable division of your complex property divorce. Call 858-720-8250 today to establish your marital separation date and begin unraveling your community property.

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