Contested Divorce Legal Services


When Friends Become Foes

No matter how hard you try, sometimes the fear, hurt and anger during your divorce can become overwhelming. While trying to iron out the details of your settlement, you may find yourself stuck. Fleischer & Ravreby have a full arsenal of experienced lawyers with backgrounds in accounting, estate planning and taxation to help you make wise decisions that you and your children can live with.

When one or both parties have been deeply hurt during the divorce proceedings, they may simply need their day in court. They need a judge to decide what is financially fair to both parties and in the best interest of the child. Contested divorces often involve additional:

  • Mediation
  • Depositions
  • Exchanges of documentation
  • Restraining orders
  • Case preparation
  • Child psychologists
  • Court appearances
  • Litigation

At the San Diego contested divorce attorneys offices of Fleischer & Ravreby, we do not back down from a fight. We are strong, aggressive advocates for you and your best interests in court.

Carlsbad Uncontested Divorce Attorney

When couples can agree on the details of their divorce agreement and want to ensure the process is as amicable as possible, they turn to the Southern California family lawyers of Fleischer & Ravreby for quality assurance of all their documents.

Myra Fleischer, Lead Counsel of Fleischer & Ravreby, is certified by the State Bar of California as a family law specialist. She is also a former corporate accountant who is extremely diligent about her clients’ money matters. With accounting and estate planning lawyers in-house, Fleischer & Ravreby is a one-stop shop for clients planning their new lives. From custody to spousal and child support, and high-asset or complex property issues, we guide you each step of the way.

If divorce — contested or uncontested — is in your future, contact the caring but strong advocates at Fleischer & Ravreby at 858-720-8250 for a free 30-minute discussion about your situation.

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