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Helping You Unravel a Domestic Partnership

Every story is different. Every story is important. When you walk into the offices of Fleischer & Ravreby Attorneys at Law, we will listen to your story.

During your first visit with our San Diego marriage dissolution attorneys, we will discuss the circumstances that brought you into our office — including your thoughts, emotions and questions. Perhaps you have already been served with papers. Maybe you are simply considering the dissolution of your relationship and need to find out what your options are. Whatever your situation, we will be prepared to discuss your emotional health, your children and your finances.

With the help of our bankruptcy and estate planning attorneys, we can help you decide your best plan of action for a brighter tomorrow.

How is domestic partnership dissolution different from divorce? Let us guide you through the dissolution process to devise a result that works best for the entire family. We will help you understand how to file for domestic partnership dissolution and what your rights are under California and federal law.

There are different rules for what you may own together — and owe together — based on how long you were registered as domestic partners and whether or not you had any children together.

Solana Beach Lawyer for Marriage Problems

E-mail or call the office of Fleischer & Ravreby at 858-720-8250 today for information regarding your domestic partnership dissolution or marriage termination.

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