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Fleischer & Ravreby helps clients throughout Southern California overcome the disruption and heartache of divorce so they can move on to a better life. With offices in San Diego, divorce attorneys at Fleischer & Ravreby offer a full array of family law services, including counsel and representation on prenuptials, divorce, child custody and support, alimony and division of assets. With bankruptcy and estate planning attorneys in-house, Fleischer & Ravreby is a one-stop shop for clients planning their new lives.

Because California is a community property state, the amount of time your assets have been commingled has a significant influence on your marital settlement agreement. Once you combine your bank accounts, retirement accounts or real property, for example, those funds, assets and earned interest or value are all considered community property. Until you establish a date of valuation, or separation date, they will remain community property.

Myra Fleischer, lead counsel for Fleischer & Ravreby, is certified by the State Bar of California as a family law specialist. She is also a former corporate accountant who is extremely diligent about her clients’ money matters. Ironing out details, particularly financial details, is a forte of Fleischer & Ravreby.

Richard R. Ravreby is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist who impresses his clients with his integrity, respect for the law, and his ability to be a strong advocate for their family law issues.

Different California counties have varying guidelines and rules regarding divorce, so make sure you hire an attorney who knows those distinctions and will fight for your rights unequivocally.

Filing for Divorce in Solana Beach

If divorce is in your future, contact the caring but strong advocates at Fleischer & Ravreby at 858-720-8250. Our family lawyers will take care of the heavy lifting so you can take care of your heart.

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