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Easing the Pain for Parents Left Behind

It is heartbreaking when a parent has to be separated from his or her children. In cases where divorced parents share custody and the primary parent — the one who has the majority of custody time — moves to a different area of the state or country, it is a no-win situation. These cases are usually instigated by one parent undergoing a major life change like a new job, a new marriage or military reassignment.

Fleischer & Ravreby understand that being able to spend time with your children is certainly one of your most important concerns. As San Diego attorneys for move away cases, Fleischer & Ravreby know that these cases will ultimately end up in court. They have to. And somebody is going to lose the privilege of seeing his or her children on a regular basis.

If you live in California and you are the parent who is moving — or thinking about moving — make sure you have more than a 60-percent timeshare with your children before going to court to ask for a new custody settlement.

Solana Beach Parents’ Rights Attorneys

California law does provide precedent in these cases and we will represent your best interests, including the happiness and stability of your children. Because child support is directly related to the amount of time you have physical custody of the child, Fleischer & Ravreby can also help you renegotiate your support payments as a result of the child moving.

Having to eradicate the status quo and begin a new life without seeing your children every day is extremely difficult. The lawyers at Fleischer & Ravreby will strive to help you achieve the maximum visitation time.

Contact the lawyers at Fleischer & Ravreby to negotiate the best possible child sharing plan for you. Call 858-720-8250 today to ensure the best interests of your child — and your parenting privileges — are represented.

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