Working through the challenges of divorce

Working through the challenges of divorce

Nearly every married couple confronts challenges in their marriage. Some of these challenges can be easily resolved, with the spouses gaining an understanding into the other’s wants and needs. But sometimes a relationship faces serious disagreements that cannot be resolved. Problems can grow into stressful, even dangerous situations. At this point, a divorce is often the best option for the couple and the entire family’s well being.

Many people who decide to get a divorce are exhausted before the process even starts. Couples often try to navigate a divorce on their own without legal advice from a family law attorney. They think it will be cheaper and simple enough. Once they start addressing issues such as child custody or property division, they may discover they are unable to come to an agreement to resolve any of these issues.

Couples may also discover following a “do it yourself” divorce that there are crucial issues they failed to address. This could result in the parties having to head into the courtroom to have agreements modified, sometimes at considerable expense.

Even if the divorce is uncontested, parties may still want to hire an attorney to ensure their individual rights are being protected. When looking for the right family law attorney, consider the following:

  • Is the attorney focused solely on family law matters? Not all areas of law are the same. Family law presents many unique challenges and considerations such as financial and estate planning that is not present in other types of cases.
  • Does the attorney have experience in the courtroom? It is not uncommon for a divorce to deal with issues that must be resolved by a third party, frequently in front of a judge. You need to know if the attorney has the experience to skillfully advocate for your interests in court.
  • Has the attorney handled similar cases before in local courts? Every case is different, and every judge is a unique individual. Your attorney needs to be familiar with each judge and how to work with him or her successfully.
  • Does the attorney have trusted expert professionals he or she can consult if expert testimony is necessary? Some issues, such as property division, may require the use of experts to establish the value of marital property or uncover assets that are being concealed.

If you are considering filing for divorce, take the time to speak to an experienced family law attorney in your area to understand how best to prepare yourself for the process. You need to work with someone who is committed to protecting your interests, and will counsel and advise you as you go through your divorce.

You may want to get past the divorce as soon as possible, but by doing so you may be making mistakes that could have a huge impact upon your future.

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