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You’re thinking about divorce, what happens NOW?

Plan and strategize. We know emotions run high and financial fears can be debilitating.  Let us handle the details of your high asset divorce, high conflict child custody , California divorce, military divorce, San Diego divorce mediation, marriage settlement agreement, bankruptcy, trusts & estates.

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Founded in 1978, we have evolved into a family law firm that uses a rare, powerful mix of legal, financial and psychological expertise and insight to arrive at options and solutions for you to realize a vision for your future – in ways others can’t.  You will experience stead-fast support through our divorce attorney team approach to your case as we ensure that all our staff knows about your situation, so you always get help. We promise to be right there, standing beside you, as you go from unhappy to happy again. Meet our San Diego Family Law, Bankruptcy and Trusts & Estates Attorneys.

Myra Chack Fleischer, CLS-F*

Myra Chack Fleischer, CLS-F*

Lead Counsel & Founder

Daniel J. Martin

Daniel J. Martin

Sr. Attorney

Tana Landau

Tana Landau


Scott Neinas

Scott Neinas


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About Our Firm

Spanning more than two decades in family law has shown us that people are typically still stuck in the pattern of their marriage as they are trying to deal with their divorce We leverage this rare perspective and ability to see this perspective and give clarity on where your legal decisions may be stuck as part of the dynamic of the marriage, not part of what is best for you getting through your divorce process.

Our unique approach is rooted in “thinking more from the gut than the pocket book, we blend attorney insight with personal insight, from a deep personal resolve.”  Our innate gifts to surface what you are deeply seeking combined with a focus on an exit strategy determines the most appropriate divorce style (i.e., litigation, mediation, etc.) that is naturally aligned with you. If that changes, we have a profound ability to instantly and fluidly switch based on your unfolding divorce, bankruptcy, trust and estate circumstances.

Client Testimonials

Simply the best.

“I could not more highly recommend Myra. I started my divorce proceedings with another lawyer and changed to Myra. I only wish I had been with her from day one. She is tough and aggressive but very fair. ” – Anonymous

Best of the Best!

“Myra and Dan Martin are the BEST. Despite an very difficult case with one of the worst firms in town who just wants to run the meter on their clients Myra and Dan have always “DONE THE RIGHT THING”. In the legal community they are respected and looked at as model and ethical lawyers in a very challenging field. i would recommend them to everyone and hoping you never have to.” – Anonymous

Awesome Lawyer! Awesome Service! Awesome Results!

“I found Steven through my work’s EAP. He was flexible with the time I was able to meet and his honesty was as wonderful as his compassion for my situation.  He always responded to my emails and phone calls in a timely manner, I highly recommend his service as an attorney.” – Jolie

Excellent Service. Beyond Expectations.

“Thank you for the excellent service your firm provided for my family and me. It was an extremely difficult case, but Dan Martin went way beyond expectations, and proved to me that there are outstanding attorneys who truly care from their hearts about their client. He literally performed a miracle. He is a master negotiator! I thank you and anyone else who helped create positive results for my case. Your firm is amazing! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!” – Jessica Del Pino


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We carefully create your divorce blueprint that helps you reinvent yourself, gives you hope and informs you on what to do. We are not afraid to go the path of resistant and focus on delivering support that adapts to every divorce option, no matter which you choose below or if it changes during the divorce process.