Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Divorce mediation can also cost much less than litigation in court. While mediation may reduce your need for legal representation, you should still consider discussing your situation with a family law attorney to ensure you understand your rights and the legal consequences of agreements made during mediation. Better still, work with a family law attorney who is cross-trained as a mediator who is familiar with the various ways mediation can affect your legal rights.

The divorce mediation process lets people make an agreement based on the best interests of their family, instead of turning the decision over to a third party, usually a judge. It is possible using mediation to reduce the fighting and stress between the parties and allowing them to reach compromise. It benefits children because they are not subjected to the trauma of seeing their parents fight with each other. Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, includes family law areas like:

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Daniel Martin brings extensive experience as a top litigator to the team of attorneys at Fleischer & Ravreby. But despite his many hours of experience in both jury trials and bench trials, he prefers to work with his clients to find good legal solutions outside the court system through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Daniel Martin

Daniel J. Martin

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While Daniel has no hesitation standing up for a client in court, his experience allows him to recommend to clients when it is prudent to settle a case for a good result that saves the client excess attorney fees.

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