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Privacy and Results Are Our Top Priorities

When it comes to family law, emotions run high. The lawyers at Fleischer & Ravreby help their clients wade through the details of asset division so they can look forward to their new life. With bankruptcy and estate planning attorneys in-house, ironing out the details of a high-asset divorce is a forte of Fleischer & Ravreby.

Clients in Southern California turn to the San Diego high asset divorce lawyer team of Fleischer & Ravreby for strong, diligent representation and advocacy. Their experience with high-asset divorce cases has taught the lawyers at Fleischer & Ravreby that privacy is the main concern of their clients. Oftentimes, alternative dispute resolution is employed to ensure the details of their marital settlement agreement stay out of the public record.

Finances, properties, therapy, child support and alimony settlements are nobody’s business but your own. The attorneys at Fleischer & Ravreby respect this.

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Examining and exchanging financial details to establish a fair and equitable settlement is one of the most important tasks your attorney can undertake in a divorce proceeding. Fleischer & Ravreby will carefully review all of the assets involved to help you determine the best scenario for your financial safety. They know maintaining your standard of living for you and your children is important to you.

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