Steven K. Brumer, bankruptcy attorney, Fleischer & Ravreby

Steven K. Brumer. bankruptcy law and family law attorney with Fleischer & Ravreby, appeared on the interview program “Real Talk Carlsbad” to address myths surrounding bankruptcy filings, mistakes to avoid in your trusts and estates planning, and other legal issues at the intersection of family law and your financial wellbeing.

Brumer is one of a handful of attorneys with a specialized post-graduate Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in taxation. This course of study focuses on tax planning, analysis, and litigation. It has proven invaluable in Steven’s counsel to clients in family law and bankruptcy matters.

Brumer can adddress issues clients find confusing and challenging involve your personal income taxes, as well as student loan payments. In some cases, taxes can be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Brumer says there is a growing business regarding bankruptcy and student loans. But generally, student loans are not dischargeable due to laws passed by Congress.

If you missed the interview, you can watch it in its entirety at this link.

Brumer offers a free consultation for clients. “I do offer that without charge, because people have so many questions. If you’re facing bankruptcy or thinking about bankruptcy, cash can be a little tight,” said Brumer. Learn more about his practice and contact him here.